I have published a beautiful book of poetry entitled Awakening Goddess.  These poems were written as I was going through my process of Awakening to my True Self. These words come from my heart and it is raw, beautiful and healing. I know that each of you who read them, will receive the Healing Light and Love that will awaken you to begin your own journey of Self-Empowerment and Sovereignty. Although these poems are personal, they resonate with all, because it contains aspects of life on this jewelled planet that we have all experienced to some degree. We are one human family and our pain, sorrow, love and joy is a part of our very humanness and is what unites us all. It is an honour to share my very Essence of me, with you.

My latest book of short stories is now available – entitled Mystical Encounters. Wisdom has been interwoven throughout these beautiful short stories. May the call of the Mystical Spirit elicit a joyous response within you.

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