Sacred Empowerment of Light is run by Catherine Galathianakis, who is a Healer, Teacher, Ritual Master and Life Activation Practitioner, trained by the Modern Mystery School in the lineage of King Salomon.

This is my Mission Statement and one that holds, conveys and contains the high integrity and intent with which I wield my Holy and Sacred Energy and Power with every interaction I experience with another Soul:
“I am not trying to lead you toward me, instead – I hope to lead you toward yourself. I hope to touch your life in such a way, that as I reach out and touch your Soul, your Heart illuminates the world around you with the Light of your Being.”

About Catherine:

I had my re-awakening to my Divine Self at age 5, when the wonderful book – The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton was read to me. That day is etched in my heart and the feeling of joy has been forever imprinted into the very fibre of my Being.  Because…. From that day forward, I thirsted to know more, to be more connected, to be more aware, conscious and fully awake.  I taught myself to read and was reading novels at age 8.

During my growing up years, there were no such things as Esoteric Bookstores and Holistic Markets, workshops or anything remotely like it.  So the only thing anywhere close to magical books was good old Stephen King and I think I read every single one of them!!!  I also raided the local library and uncovered some gems which were tucked away in the recesses of the room.  Looking back at my life, I see and marvel at how every single challenge, heartbreak, magical moment, friendship, every single connection with people, the situations and events that occured has led me to this magickal, marvelous and amazing phase of my life, having been gently guided and led by the hand to the Modern Mystery School, where I arrived Home!!

For through these amazing teachings, healings and empowerments, I am now able to live in my joy and passion and on purpose in my life, which is:

• To facilitate the raising of consciousness of humanity, by offering gentle and loving modalities of healing and empowerments, a sacred and safe space for this to take place and to provide the tools for each individual to begin their journey of self-empowerment and self-realisation in a harmonious and beautiful environment of high frequency.

• My intent is always to be in integrity, to respect, honour and value every soul who enters this domain and to work from Higher Consciousness at all times, for the highest good of all.

I have an immense passion for the animals and I do everything in my power to be the voice for those who cannot speak.

Ancient Empowerment and Healing tools now unveiled by The Modern Mystery School, specifically to assist in these transitioning times of 2012 and beyond

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